25 March 2006

Let's Talk About the Penis

So, I was sitting on myspace, trying my damnedest to catch up on all of the blogs I'm subscribed to when one of my cutsie comments sparks a debate. Before I go on, why the mother fuck do some of you write your blogs in such tiny font? Hello!?! I'm getting old here, hard to see tiny font! Hurty eyes! Owie! Please, think of your elders.

Okay, so I was reading this blog written by Brad, who has seem to have made it his life's work that everyone know he is uncircumcised and is strongly against circumcision.

His blog, because I know you lazy fuckers didn't click the linky I posted for you, is about a bill that has been submitted to 15 state legislators to ban Male Genital Mutilation or circumcision. Of course, I had to leave my smartassed comment about how that's wrong because circumcised penis' are way cuter than uncircumcised ones! LOL

Well blog author didn't find this funny, as this is his mission in life, to ban circumcision. We start our series of emails as to why I have this opinion and he sends me links and a video as to why circumcision is bad! He let me know that if a guy wants a circumcision, it should be his choice and not done while he's a voiceless, helpless infant. Okay, guys, would you rather have this done when you're a newborn infant and won't remember the pain or when you're, oh, 15 or older and will remember the pain for the rest of your life? Maybe it's just me, but I think it'd be simpler if it were done as an infant?

Ladies, I don't know about you, but if I'm blowing a guy and he's not circumcised, um...it's uh...kind of gross. Okay, I said it. It's gross. In my opinion it's gross because the head of the dick is usually sweaty or kind of smells like a belly button. Not to mention all of that excess skin that just kind of hangs out around your lips and rolls around like "Where do I go?" Well, if your dick was bigger, you'd have a place to go, unfortunately, you got the shaft. Hahaha! No pun intended! I kind of have an idea what it will be like to give head to a guy when I'm like 60, or rather when he's 60, granted it can still get hard at that age.

My point, sucking an uncircumcised dong was a bad experience. I've had some bad experiences with circumcised dicks, but that usually involved having sticky hair or asking if it was in yet.

Overall, I've had better experiences with circumcised schlongs than au-natural. Another personal preference of mine, is I think they look neater and more friendly than the others. Like they are greeting you with a smile, and are ready to play, as if to say, "Let's do this! I'm long and I'm strong, and I'm down to get the freak shit on!" Or maybe that was Sir Mix A Lot? I dunno, either way, it looks more inviting.

While the uncircumcised penis just looks like he's timid, and hiding. Kind of like he's wearing a dickie or turtleneck. I just look at it and want to say, "Aww, poor little fella."

In no way am I trying to dis or put down guys who still have their foreskin intact. I'm just saying it doesn't get me as excited when we're about to thrown down for some hot sweaty animal sex.

I've never been one to turn down a cock based on it's appearance, even if it was little and I giggled. For some reason, I just find the circumcised penis more appealing. Maybe it's because of all the porn I watch?

Well Brad still not happy that my opinion hasn't changed, insists that since we are born that way, it should remain untouched. After I added that we all get our wisdom teeth removed, he replied that some do, some don't and 85en are uncircumcised. Okay, but I'll bet most of them don't have their wisdom teeth! LOL

What are your thoughts on circumcision? Do you care? Don't care? What the fuck ever it's just a penis? I'm curious! Let's Talk! Hahaha

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