11 April 2009

19 Mar 06 - Is it a Long Hair Thing?

Sometimes I get these random thoughts in my head and I let them hang out for a while until I get a nice little collection, then have to set them loose for you lot to read, and possibly help me make sense of it all.

I know a lot of you are busy watching basketbal today, which I am too, but I know my team is about to get dry fucked in the ass by the UConn bench, so I'm not really paying much attention to the game.  I'll try to keep this short for those of you who still have a team in the tourney or your brackets aren't all fucked up because of Bradly and Wichita State.

Do other people with longer hair have as many problems as I do?  When I'm in the shower, some lose hairs slide down my back and hang out in my ass crack.  Maybe it's because I have a big ass, but does this happen to anyone else?  Other problems I have with my hair, is that it sticks to everything, not just my ass.  It sicks to my arms, my legs, my towels and everything else that gets put in the washer with my towels.

What's bad about my hair sticking to everything, is that it's almost invisible, becaue it's so light.  So when I feel something tickling my arm or whatever, it takes me forever to find out what it is!  Even worse, is when I find a hair in my food that I just made, and made sure to tie my hair back to prevent hair slippage.  I know it's my hair, but it still makes me want to gag.  Do people/ladies with shorter hair have this problem?  I don't remember having these shit problems when my hair was shorter, but maybe I just didn't pay attention to it then.

Last night I used my new Ronco Rotisserie!  I made the best fucking chicken EVER!  I almost o.d'd  on chicken it was so damn good! 

I have come to the conclusion that the maker of the Girl Scout's Thin Mint cookies prepare them with some type of laxative.  I ate about 8 thin mint cookies yesterday and had the worst case of the shits, and this was before I ate the chicken, so it wasn't that.  There should be some kind of fucking warning on the box like: BEWARE!  If you eat more than 4 of these at a time, your ass will explode!

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