10 October 2012


Not many people are destined for greatness. Not many people even know what the hell they want to do with their life, let alone do it.  Such is the few that do make it, and do what they love, sharing their talent with the world.

But what about those who know what they want to do, have the drive & ambition, are extremely talented, yet kind of get swept to the side by society?  No, they didn't get that lucky break of having someone stumble upon their talent, who happened to be with the "in crowd", who could make their dream a reality.

So how do we help someone reach the greatness, we know they are destined for?  I have no fucking idea.  But I'm gonna try.  I need to try something.  Writing this blog is the first step to that something.  Maybe YOU know someone who can help?  Or maybe I'll just be like those annoying asshats and spam the fuck out of people until someone gives in and reads this?

My friend Andrew has a dream and I want to do what I can to help him reach that dream.  Why?  Because I feel obligated, as a friend, to do my part to help him. Because I believe in him and his dream.  And because I feel inspired to help as much as I possibly can from 2000 miles away.

Andrew Scott Ramsey's dream is to become a film maker.  He has written a script, hired actors and tried to raise money for his project.  Alas, the road is long and difficult, and at times leaving him feeling defeated.

Make Believe Time is the movie Andrew wrote, and is currently working on. I'm sure if you ask nicely, he may let you read some/all of the script.

Now, most of you that know me, know I'm a no nonsense kind of bitch.  I will straight tell you the truth and ask for the same in return.  I will not hand you bullshit and try to convince you it's a fluffy kitten.  I am also secure enough to admit when I'm wrong about something.  Although I am not wrong about this.

So here I am, asking for your help.  Help?  Please?  If any of you know someone, who knows someone, who knows a guy, who used to fuck this girl, who knows someone. . .just take a chance.  I'm asking you to take a chance on this random guy who wrote a movie script, like the millions of other random-movie-script-writing-guys.  Only this guy is good.  REALLY good, and worth the chance.

He might be pissed that I'm doing this, but fuck it, he'll get over it.  Here is something he wrote today on his fb page that inspired me to write this blog:

Here I am people:
All I ever have wanted to do was make movies. The first time I saw 'Ghostbusters' in 1987, I knew that I was meant to entertain. I don't know why, but it has always been my gut instinct. But like a weak-willed pussy, all I did was make the wrong choices. I joined the Air Force and did my time, but I never belonged there. It was never right for me. So, I got out, not of my own acc
ord either. But when you tell docs that you wanted to eat the business end of your 9mm, they tend to take you serious. I got out in 2003 and settled in California to get my movie career going. I was going to write. What did I do? I wasted 5 years on a woman who kept me in boxes, never really was supportive of pursuing my dreams, it was always about the shitty job and making money, marriage and babies. Well babies? Don't want those. EVER. Movies is all I ever want to do, all I want is the chance to do it my way, the way I think will work best. And Kevin Smith was my teacher. What did he teach me? That if you really think you have what it takes, throw yourself out there and do it your way, don't screw over the people who are helping you. I know how much this film is going to cost, and it is not cheap. I need to raise $30-$50,000. And I could take this screenplay and shop it around to studios, and you know what? I know one would bite, I know I could get a larger budget than I ever dreamed. Am I that good? No way. I am just that confident about this. Filmmaking and screenwriting burns my soul, it is not something you can teach, you either have it or you don't, plain and simple. Do I know if I have it? I want to find out. I hate money, I hate asking for it, I hate the pursuit of it. Being flat broke before, it was my own fault, spending too much sometimes. But as I have been trying to further my education the past three years, it has fallen downhill fast for me. But I don't care, I know this money can be raised. And how do I think it will be done? Not miracles, just determination and the human spirit. I believe this is my chance. I don't know what my life is meant for otherwise. If this is not my purpose, I have no purpose, I have no other reason to breath. That's what filmmaking means to me, that is what movies means to me---it is the air I breath and the food I eat. My dream beyond is simple, it has been the same since I saw 'Clerks.' Meet Kevin Smith on equal footing, as a filmmaker who got it done. I am sure he hears how much he inspires people, well he has inspired me more than words can say. My close friends know how deep this runs for me. I just want to shake his hand one day and say thank you.

So now I ask you, how the fuck can you say no to that? A chance.  That's all he needs.

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