13 July 2010

NEW CAR, OLD WOES - 13 July 2010

I admit, I know I haven't been an avid, daily blogger that I once was, but I haven't had much to really write about here lately. Since I'd rather not trouble my twitter followers 140 characters at a time, or spill my guts on facebook, I figured it was time for me to blog the bullshit.

A few months ago I was awarded 100% disability from the VA for my medical conditions. This helped solve my past year's money woes in a HUGE way. No longer did I have to worry about if I had money for gas or enough to pay the bills. I payed my debts, well, not all of them, but the most pressing. I started saving my money and was able to take a small vacation to Pensacola Beach, FL right before the oil washed up on shore.

That solo trip did a number on my poor little car. My a/c wasn't working as well and my car started riding rough. I sent her to the shop, but it seemed that was only a temporary fix. When the a/c was on, it worked great, but my car sounded horrible and vibrated harder than a super charged dildo.

Back when I first received my money, Dad and I talked about my getting a new car. I didn't think much of it at the time because I loved my car and it was running just fine. Well after shit started getting worse, I decided to start seriously looking at cars again.

I spent one afternoon and looked around, but with my current car showing as having been repossessed, it was difficult to be financed, regardless of my income. So I took to the internet and kept searching. Every time I saw a commercial about pre-owned cars, I went to their website and browsed their SUVs. That's what I wanted this time, an SUV. They are roomier, have more power, and are a little tougher than a regular car.

One website had a few cars that I liked, so I emailed them my information and the next day, got a call from one of the salesmen. I told him about my credit troubles and he seemed confident that he could find something for me and get me financed. We made an appointment to meet that Friday afternoon to look around and see what we could come up with.

Thursday, the 8th, I drove down to my friend's to start house sitting for the week, since they were leaving for vacation. Friday I got up, got something to eat and headed to the dealership. It was a shitty, rainy day, so I didn't have any expectations that I would find a car I loved and wanted right away.

The salesman drove me around to show me some of the SUVs and I told him what I had in mind. I was hoping for maybe a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Escape or something similar, preferable in Blue or a neutral color like white or grey. Well he showed me a gold Suzuki XL7. I didn't want it because it was gold. I know, sounds petty, but I couldn't help it. Then he asked if I wanted to drive it, so I did.

I don't know if it was because the car was so much newer than what I had been used to driving or if it was because it was just nice, but I really liked the car. We decided to get my application started and see what we could come up with as far as payments. I decided that I couldn't make the decision that day and wanted my dad to check out the car. He said I could drive the car to Frankfort and let my dad check it out and see what he said.

So I drove the car to let my dad look at it and give me his opinion. He didn't like the color and that's pretty much all he said regarding the car. He then told me to give it a rest and not push buying a car. Then he said it was up to me because it would be my car.

See, the whole point of my driving to Frankfort was so I could get his opinion about the car. I wanted to take him for a drive, let him get a feel for it and tell me what he thought. What the hell did he do? Stand there, look at it, read the sticker, smoked a cigarette and told me I was rushing into things. UGH!

The salesman called and said he could get my payments between $265-$275/month and that sounded pretty damn reasonable to me, so I told him to proceed with the paperwork. On my way back, I called my insurance company to see what the damage would be if I were to purchase this vehicle. Only $30 more than what I was currently paying, so that's not bad.

On my way back, I decided that I really wanted this car. I was getting excited about the fact that I was about to own this car. I didn't think about much else, just getting things done and getting this car. I made it back to the dealership and finished the paperwork. A few minutes later, the car was mine.

I was pretty excited and nervous all at the same time. Fuuuuck!! My dad was gonna be pist! I went to my Saturn and cleaned all my stuff out & threw all the trash away, so I didn't look like a complete slob. Once I exchanged keys, got into my new car and started driving away I had a split second of regret. I almost cried. I was leaving behind what I knew, for something new. If you know me, you know how much I cringe at change. It's so comfortable staying with what you know, that the thought of change just scared me.

I drove off and was just a happy fucking little camper, driving back to my friends house to let the dogs out because I was sure they'd piss on the carpet if I didn't make it back soon. Then my dad called. He asked if I got my car back and said I should just wait to buy a car and I just rush into things. He said I was "rushy, rushy." Ohhhh, little did he know exactly how "rushy, rushy" I was.

At that point I went from excited and elated to worried and freaked the fuck out. Oh hell, what was I going to do? I couldn't tell him right then over the phone because he would have flipped out like Mel Gibson on a all nighter.

All weekend I did nothing but fester and suffer, worrying about how and when I was going to tell my dad. All the questions were answered for me when his doctor called me and set up an appointment for him Tuesday at 1:30. Well, I knew when, but how?

I stressed about this the entire morning I woke up and the entire ride to his house. I walked in, thankfully he wasn't outside, went downstairs to see him and he was already in a bad mood. Aww fuck! Turns out he thinks my cat pissed on the counter. Now, I've had one cat for 10 years and the other for 5 years. In this time, neither of them have ever done anything remotely like this. Sure they may be rotten little shits at times, but they know where and how to use the litter box.

So, he's pist at me because he thinks I'm a bad mommy, spoil my cats and don't discipline them. Uhh, right. My cats love me, they know better, they just might not like him. Maybe, if it WAS one of my cats, they were mad about me being gone? Who knows. Maybe it's one of his nasty bad assed cats? He says they never get on counters and shit, well he's never SEEN them, but I have.

Anyway, we walk upstairs to leave for his appointment and as he's grabbing the door handle, I ask him to please don't be mad at me. He looks at me all worried, opens the door then gets pissed off.

He starts saying how I never include him, ask for his opinion, blah blah blah, basically all the things I TRIED to do, but he didn't feel like doing. At the doctor's office he seemed to rotate from good mood to pist mood.

After the doctor, we went to a few different places all the while I get to hear him bitch about everything and of course, me. When I left he was still in a grumpy, pissy assed mood, but I felt so SO much better. At least I no longer felt like I was lying or hiding something from him, whether or not he was pist, at least he finally knew. Thank the FUCK!

While typing this blog, Dad called and apologized for being mister grumpy pants today. He said it was because he felt bad, and I knew that, but it felt good that he apologized to me.

Hopefully he likes my new car and if not, he can get over it, because I like it.

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