14 September 2010

The Silent Treatment - 14 Sept 2010

Well it's been a few months since I last wrote and ironically not much has changed. Dad is still being a whiny little bitch ass and I still have to deal with his crabby assed drama. Right now he is giving me the silent treatment because we had an argument over the weekend and he threatened to move out, again. Now when I talk to him, he just nods his head, yes or no. It's kind of nice, but a bit annoying when you try to have a conversation with someone.

I still have no job. I've pretty much given up on the idea that I will become employed by anyone, ever. I am still trying to get social security disability, but those hard nosed fuckdogs keep denying me. This time I've hired a lawyer. Well, not technically hired. If I win my case they get money, if not, I don't pay them shit, which is good because they are expensive. I figure I should qualify for disability with social security since I am considered 100% disabled with the military. I told the attorney that I could give a shit less about getting the money, of which the amount is laughable, I just want the health insurance. If I had medicaid or medicare, I wouldn't have to go to the fucking VA every time I needed to see a doctor, but instead get stuck with a third rate has been who was last in their graduating class and a serious lack of bedside manner.

So here I sit, watching tv, which is basically my nightly routine. Well, in the summer I don't have much of a tv routine since so many shows come and go and aren't worth clicking "view" on the remote guide. Most of my days consist of my getting up and going to the gym for an hour or so, then the tanning bed. I come home, *clean the house, then think of something to do to get me out of the house again so I'm not stuck inside this waft of uncomfortableness. If I can't think of anything I usually take a nap, then start dinner (if dad is eating) around 4:30. I say, if he's eating, because usually when he's mad at me, he will refuse to eat anything I cook. After I eat I either watch tv or play online unless my friend's son has a football game, or I feel like going out to drink. Depending on how my day has been, sometimes I'm in a desperate need for a few drinks. That means, if Dad is being a crybaby bitch and screaming at me like a banshee, I'll need to unwind and forget the torment that I live in.

What's funny about these arguments that he and I have is that he always blames me for it. I'm the one who never does anything around the house, like clean (*please see above paragraph.) I'm also the one who instigates the silent treatment, and is very mean and hurtful to him. I find that all laughable since I'm the one who's always getting yelled at and treated with silence when I try to be nice.

On a brighter note, I'm excited about next Sunday. I'm going to Indianapolis for the Colts/Giants game. I'm SO excited I can hardly stand it. I'm going to paint my nails blue, color my hair blue, dress in my colts gear and tailgate all day! I've got the magnets for my car, and a colts flag, my hotel room and my tickets ready! I plan on getting up there around 2pm, partying until 7, then getting to my seat in time for the pre-game excitement! Hmm, partying from 2-7 doesn't really seem like long enough, maybe I should get there around noon or 1? Hell, by Saturday I'll be wanting to leave at midnight so I can get there early enough! LOL Well fuck, anything to get me out of the house a day early would be awesome. THEN, in October, I'm taking a friend with me to another Colts game. It will be exciting, but we won't have as much time to tailgate since the game starts at 1. I'm thinking about going to a game in November, but haven't gotten tickets yet. Since the Colts first game was a bust, I'll have to see how they do before I get another ticket. I might be able to get a ticket for cheap if they start sucking this year! lol

I'm going to try to write more blogs, but I'll have to start kicking my ass to get motivated. Since I'm not doing anything, I might not have much to say for a while, but then again, I'll have plenty of time to write about nothing.

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