29 September 2010


On September 18th, I thought it would be an awesome idea to dye my hair blue for the Colt's game the following day. It did look pretty sweet, and everyone I tailgated with at the game thought it looked cool too, especially the kids.
I thought it would be a cool thing to do, since Manic Panic© is temporary hair dye, it will just wash right out. Sure it might take a few washes, but it would come out. Right? WRONG! That is so fucking wrong I don't even know how wrong it is, but it's way wrong.

I wash my hair the next day, a couple of times and some blue rinses out, yet my hair is still blue. Tuesday I do the same thing, only it turns a lighter shade of blue. For the next few days I wash my hair twice a day and all it does is turns my hair a lighter shade of blue. Friday, my hair now looks teal. I tried to find tips and tricks online, and only came up with mixing shampoo with some peroxide to get it out. Nope. Didn't work. My hair still looks teal or aqua, almost green. I tried washing my hair and leaving the shampoo on for 10 minutes, nothing. I tried washing my hair with laundry detergent and it just made my hair squeaky clean and hard, so I had to deep condition that shit.

I walk out of the tanning bed Monday and a guy driving by stops and asks me if I knew my hair was green. Thanks fucknuts, as if I didn't have a complex already by people asking me why my hair was blue/teal/green, you have to make it a point to stop your vehicle and ask me if I knew my hair was an oddball color. Really? Go fuck yourself, douche fuck.

Tuesday I had to go to the VA for an appointment, with teal hair. At least no one there said anything to me about it. Wednesday, 10 days later, while at the gym, a lady said my hair went from blue to a greenish color. What happened? Oh fuck everyone! I'm so sick of this shit, I go to Sally Beauty supply and look for some Color Opps! from L'Oreal but couldn't find it. I ask the lady if there was anything I could use to get this shit out and she showed me a little teal/greenish bottle made specifically for temporary/demi hair dye removal.

As I type this, I'm sitting here with that stuff lathered in my hair and a cap on my head with high hopes that as soon as I wash it out, my hair will be back to normal. So, I'm going to log off and go wash it out then update the blog with my results.

*I'm back. As I exited the shower, I kept my eyes averted from my hair. I wanted to be surprised. I got dressed, brushed my hair then looked in the mirror. I could tell that parts of my hair still had a bluish/green tint. Shit!

I dried my hair and noticed that most of the color was gone, but some still remained in the front, which is the lightest part of my hair. Great.
So, here I am on round two, to try and get the rest of this shit out of my hair. It would have probably all came out the first time if I had the necessary tools. The directions say to sit under a pre-heated hair dryer for 30 minutes. The girl at Sally Beauty Supply told me to leave it in for 15 minutes. Well, being that I don't own a sit-under kind of hair dryer, I applied some heat with a regular hair dryer and left it on for 25 minutes.

This go around, I will try leaving it on for a little longer. Once I lathered my hair, I applied heat from my blow dryer for a little longer, then applied the cap over my hair. I hope this next time works because I'm getting tired of washing and drying my hair so many damn times a day. I'll be back with another update as soon as I get this taken care of. UGH. Pain in the ASS!

**Well attempt number two is out of the way and my hair looks slightly less green than the above pic, but I'm not gonna lie, that shit is still in there. Only now, it looks like light green streaks in my hair and it doesn't look greenish/teal all over. At least I feel somewhat normalish now with regular colored hair, for the most part, and a bit freaky with the green streaks.

This go round, I put the shit in my hair, lathered it up and blowed it dry for a few minutes, put the cap on my head and sat for 35 minutes. Before I rinsed, I blowed it dry for a few more minutes then rinsed, washed & conditioned. Next time I'm leaving that shit in my hair for a fucking hour, by GOD!

I'll admit I'm a bit disappointed, but hey, at least my hair no longer looks like an Oompa Loompa.

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