04 October 2010

Manic Panic is OUT!! - 4 Oct 10

So, after two and a half weeks of trying and trying to get the blue then green out of my hair, I thought I had it mastered when I colored my hair brown. Well, parts of it had a greenish tint to it, but it wasn't that visible.

You'd think I'd be happy with that, right? Nope. I was mad that my golden hair and blonde highlights were gone. So I get a highlight kit, and pull my hair through the cap and apply the mixture to my hair and wait. I figure if I wait long enough, it will just bleach my hair to a light light blonde, well I was half right. I pulled off the plastic wrap around my head and my highlighted hair was green, like a lime green. Aww fuck!

I rinsed my hair, shampooed and conditioned and dried and yep, my hair was bright green instead of bright blonde. I take my complaints to the interweb on twitter, where a follower suggested I try the shampoo Prell and mix baking soda, equal parts, together then wash my hair with that.

The next day I want to the gym then tanning bed and afterwards went to Rite Aid and got the needed ingredients. A box of Arm & Hammer and a bottle of Prell. I race home and make the mixture, when it too becomes a lime green. Aww double fuck! Taking a chance, I shampooed my hair with the concoction and low and behold it worked! It took the green out of my hair! Granted I had to condition my hair for about 15 minutes so it wouldn't feel like hay, but still. It looks of normal color now!! Of course, now is when dad says something to me about my hair, like "Aren't you aware of what you're doing when you mess with your hair?" Oh shut up! If I was aware, I wouldn't have made so many mistakes! Der.

So, to get manic panic residue out of your hair, use 1 tbl spoon Prell shampoo 1 tbl spoon baking soda, mix together to get a greenish paste then wash hair. I left the mixture in my hair for 10 minutes, for extra insurance. You need to condition, deep condition your hair after you wash the shampoo out or your hair will be fried! It'll probably be a good idea to trim a little off the ends if you can, just to get rid of the fried dead ends after all the processing.

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