11 April 2009

4 Apr 06 - Why Do People Cheat?

*Okay, I changed the subject line as to not piss off the few men out there who don't and have never cheated.  The new subject line will also include evil villainous bitches who cheat on their men.

A question that has creeped in and out of my mind for the past 15 years, and more so in the past few weeks.  Can a man really be faithful?  My hope is fading and I find myself believing that no, men in fact cannot be faitful to just one woman.  Which is kind of sad, because I really really want to believe it's possible.  Let me take you back.

My hope in the faithful man started to deminish with my first boyfriend.  Sure, at 15 we are all young, naive, and horny.  Alas, my heart was broken when I found out he was cheating on me with Sunny (not you Sunny, a different Sunny.) LOL 

He and I went to different schools, but our two schools played against each other during basketball season.  I was a cheerleader, but by no means did I think I was pretty or better than anyone.  When I found out he was cheating on me it sucked balls!  What made this worse?  Well, at a basketball game, I got the pleasure of seeing Sunny and she was unfortunate looking.  She was short, dumpy and not even very cute in the face.  WHAT?!?  He cheated on me with THAT?!?  OMG.  That stung worse than a thousand tiny bees.

As time rolled on, guys came and went.  Haha, you sick fucks, you know what I meant! Guy after guy seemed to stray.  Sure, we were still young, but have guys no idea of being true to even a girlfriend?  What will this say about our future generation of guys?  Well, there were a few who, to my knowledge, were faitful.  Andy, because he was just a bit too dorky.  He reminded me of a cartoon character.  I don't think Andrew cheated on me either.  Josh said he didn't cheat on me, but I know.

*So why DO people cheat?  Why stray from a relationship if you aren't happy?  If you are in a committed marriage, why not talk about things and try to work through problems instead of sneaking around screwing other people?  If you are just dating someone and you aren't happy, why not just get out?  Move on and start a new relationship, but don't cheat.  That's just lower than low.

Last night, I stayed at work late with tall blonde monkey, and we talked about the unfortunate incident with her niece and our boss, well, our boss's boss, the CEO's son.  She told me that not only was he cheating on her with skanky office girl, he'd been doing it for the past almost 3 years!  AND!  The kicker?  Half of the people who worked here knew!  Ugh, that just made my stomach churn in sadness.  On top of that, she informed me that out of all the executive staff, all but one has brandished the scarlet letter.

I was pretty floored upon this news.  They all seem like respectful, decent guys, yet every single one was a cheater.  I should have been less surprised, given my history with men, but I wasn't.  I guess I still had hope that there were a few possible decent men who could stay faitful to their vows, even if their wives were cold hearted bitches.

That's part of the reason I'm afraid to get married, because I can't trust that a man will be honest and faithful to me.  I still want to get married some day, but I've always been reluctant because I'm sure, just like every other man in my past, well at least 95f them, he'll cheat, and once I'm married, I don't want to divorce.  Am I dreaming or what? LOL

On top of the adultery conversation, I found that we had some inter-office dating going on.  Not like, Sara is dating David, or whatever, but little tatto girl is dating old marketing director.  Ew.  This guy went to high school with the girls MOTHER!  Hearing that made me vomit a little.  I can't even think about it. I have to poke out my mind's eye.

I just have to throw this in, because it can't go unmentioned, especially after Boo Boo's favorite cookie blog, and Xanthan's Little Debbie blog.  I had the BEST cookies yesterday.  The top adulterer, um...the CEO came down and gave us $50 to get lunch for the 5 of us in our little area.  We decided to go with Subway.  Cool.  I pop across the street, stand in line for 45 minutes and get us all sandwiches and cookies.  I got white chocolate macadamia nut and chocolate chip.  They both were heavenly!  I almost orgasmed when I bit into the white chocolate macadamia nut.  If you haven't had these before, go to your nearest Subway, and get them!  You won't regret it!!!

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