19 January 2012


I couldn't have made it through the next 5-6 months without my friends. They were always there to listen to me vent. They had kids in sports which let me volunteer at their games, which in turn got me out of the house.

I didn't care what I had to do, I did what needed to be done, so long as it got me away from crazy town (aka: dad's house). Most of the time I worked concessions for the middle school football games, sometimes I worked the gate to collect entrance fees. I was always guaranteed to be out of the house for a couple of hours to work these games, which was awesome, for me. Dad started to get paranoid and accused me of "whoring around". That was great. I never went anywhere, but the one place I did go, I was accused of lying about it. I could understand how one would confuse my attending a middle school function and being a town whore from my attire of khaki shorts and team t-shirt. #rollseyes

Soon, high school football started, and I spent most of my Friday nights cheering on N's nephew, who was a senior. I went to as many games as my pocketbook would allow, tailgating with the parents, and cheering for my high school alma mater. I felt happy and relieved, and only a tiny bit creepy that I was the only one there without kids.

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