12 April 2009

10 May 08 - Being nice is hard

It really is hard work being nice.  It's easy with my coworkers, because they are cool, but with crazy customers, being nice is hard. 

Sometimes I catch myself wanting to say something snotty, but hold back.  Of course I wait until they leave to be a smartass.  Not like I can hold out for long. Ha!

This past week has been so crazy, I hardly know when I'm coming or going!  It's not just that it always seems that I've got a million things to do, but it really has been busy at our store!  I'm kind of excited, but stressed out at the same time.

Everyone has been doing such a great job, I just don't want it to blow up in my face.  Umm, kind of like the fuck up I made this morning.  The schedule changed and I forgot to change the time in my phone.  So, instead of opening the store this morning, like I was supposed to, I came in late.

I made up for it by passing our Audit though, so the boss couldn't stay mad at me for long. Ha!

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