12 April 2009

25 Oct 07 - Genetically fucked loser.

I've actually wanted to blog for a few days, but have been too lazy. . .erm, tired to write anything.  I started working overtime so I can catch up on my bills and not be so damn behind on my stupid bills and actually have money for stuff like food and gas.

This morning I was stuck in traffic for EVER!  It was a nightmare.  Backed up forever and I was running out of gas.  I barely made it to work, not to mention I was late and I hate being late.  Imagine that; me hating to be late to work.  I know.

Anyway, during lunch, I went to get gas and lunch at Meijer.  Since I don't get paid until tonight, I was going to float a check because I'm broke as a ghetto bitch on the 30th of the month waiting for her welfare check.  Well, apparently Meijer has a new check system that automatically debits your money from your account and my shit was declined.  Super.

I spend the next 20 minutes trying to figure out what the piss to do and the manager lady told me I had to come back by 7:30 tonight to pay or my shit would be turned over to the police.  Nice.  Cuz I was totally trying to steal $28 worth of gasoline n stuff.

So, that took up my entire lunch hour and I didn't eat because I didn't have any money to buy any food.  I got a tuna salad sandwich on break from the vending machine and it kind of sucked.  Bad.

I also, finally, got my manager to approve my ergo keyboard so I can type better at work.  Turns out it isn't going to work as well as I hoped.  It beeps every time I press the tab button, which I use often, and some of the keys delete characters when it's not supposed to delete them.

See if I had the money, I'd go buy and updated one that wouldn't be all fucked up, but now I'll just have to go back to the shitty one with the keys that stick.

Why do I always have such shitty losery luck?  Is it because I was born into a family of redneck losers?  Am I genetically predispositioned to be a loser and suck at life?  What the piss?  How can I break this curse of loserness?  It's really frustrating and is pissing me off.  Seriously.

Also, being that I'm broke as fuck, I'm going to go see a movie tomorrow anyway.  Haha!  Hmm. . . maybe that's why I'm broke as fuck?  Oh wellz.  I'm going to go see Saw 4, bitches!  At least that small amount of fun can mask my loserness for an hour or two.

Oh!  Do you ever think that thoughts you have cause things to happen?  Like, did you ever see a really pretty girl and hope she tripped, then she totally fell down the stairs like a day or two later?  Well, the past few days I was hoping that a person I worked with would be quiet because she was talking a lot and asking a lot of questions.  Well, today she complained of chest pain and was taken to the hospital.  Did my evil thoughts cause her to have a heart attack?  I didn't mean to kill her I just wanted her to shut up!  OMG I'm totally the satan!

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