12 April 2009

26 July 06 - Careful, I think they're packing heat

I was pretty thankful to land in St.Louis considering my two hour fight next to the toilet stunk, literally.

We had a planned 3 hour layover, yes three hours, and we needed to find something to do.  I was hanging out with the Rep Services crew, since we were all being treated like shit, and they were being cool.

There was a sports bar open, so we hung out in there until they closed, at 730!  I couldn't believe they closed so early!  And on a Saturday! 

Since we got the boot out of the bar, we went on a hunt for some food.  We soon found out that all of the restaurants near the terminal were closed.  What the shit kind of airport is that?

One guy decided to venture to the main airport and get us all Burger King.  We gave him money and our orders and anxiously awaited that whoppery goodness.

Since the six of us didn't order drinks for him to carry back, I decided to walk down to the only eatery open, The Great American Bagel and Bakery shop, and get something to drink.

The line formed on the left wall in this picture and went across the front counter, to the cash register on the right.  When I got in line, all I wanted was a soda, no bagel or sandwich.

The people working in this place seemed in a hurry.  They were all young black kids and one old white guy, and they all had bad attitudes.  Myself and the girl in front of me were only getting drinks, so they started screaming to the people behind us, what they wanted to order.

We hadn't made it near the counter yet, so the girls behind us had no idea what they were getting.  The clerks made them feel rushed and were very curt, so they ordered something quickly to appease the masses behind the counter.

As I got closer to the cash register, I noticed how much my soda was and got the exact amount out, so when I was rung up, all I had to do was toss the grumpy old man my cash and leave.  That's what I did.

I couldn't wait to get out of there!  I have never felt so uncomfortable in a food ordering setting before, ever!

About 20 minutes later, the guy with our money and BK orders came back, sans food.  He said the places in the main airport were all closed too, so he couldn't pick us up any burgers.  Fuck!

That meant, our last resort for food was.......The Great American Mafia Bagel and Bakery.  Double FUCK!  I did NOT want to go back in there.

I got up the courage, took a piss, then went to stand in line for a sandwich.  Things were a bit quieter this time around.  When I walked to the line, I was told that only people standing inside the restaurant would be served.

Thankfully I was on the inside!  I quickly looked over the menu and decided my order, which was simple.  No choices to make, just Chicken Ceasar Sandwich, and that's all I had to say.

While making sandwiches and bagels, the employees mumbled and talked to one another about how they were never getting out of there unless people stopped coming in.  I could almost hear them say, "Fucking customers!"  but they didn't.  At least not loud enough for me to hear them.

While waiting to pay for my sandwich, the kids and the old man cashier had an arguement about who would close the gate to stop people from coming in.  One kid was probably new, or he was just playing dumb, because he wouldn't do it.  The old man was getting pissed because he couldn't do it and ring up customers.  The sandwich maker girl couldn't run the cash register, because I think she was just too dumb and refused to learn.

I was about to grab the damn keys myself and say, "FUCK!  I WILL DO IT!"  Finally, one guy took the keys and lowered the gate just enough that people could crouch and walk under.  Once again, I was glad to get out of that place.

While standing in line for the plane, a little boy of about 11 years old got some money from his dad and walked toward the bagel shop to get something quick to eat.  I stopped him by shouting, "NO!!!"

I knew his dad had a puzzled look on his face, so I explained to him that if he were to have walked in there and tried to order something, they might have shot the poor kid, and I didn't want him to have to experience that at such a tender age.  He thanked me, and I offered him a granola bar.

The women standing in line for the plane behind me agreed that the bagel shop was horrible, because they were in line behind me when the shouting and demanding of orders took place.  They feared for the little boy's safety as well, but I was the one brave enough to save him from being attacked.

Our plane finally showed up, an extra hour late because they had problems fueling the plane in Arizona due to the extreme heat.

I sat next to a chubby man and his kid on my last flight of this painful trip.  Unfortunately, a woman who needed to stand next to me to put shit in the overhead bins was on her period and very smelly.

If any of you have ever smelled this, it can induce vomiting.  This woman would NOT sit DOWN!  Ugh!!!  Gag!  She finally sat down, across from me, but got up once again after the short 45 minute flight was over.

I was almost home.  Only an hour car ride from the airport left and I was done with this nightmare. 

Around 230am, I finally got home.  That's when I passed out and woke up at 6pm the next day, sick as a dog with a sore, swollen throat and face, congestion and a fever.

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