12 April 2009

7 June 06 - Words Are Powerful

Words are powerful and Nutella is SUPERB!!

Websters defines a word as n. 1. A sound or combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or a combination or morphemes. 4. Discourse or talk; speech:  Actions speak louder than words.

No truer to that statement is words written on the internet.  Words being spoken are much simpler to comprehend than words being read.  When someone reads a statement, they may interpret the meaning different than what the author intended.  Whereas when you are in a verbal conversation, if there is unclarity, you can pause and question the meaning.  Or just stand there with a confused look on your face and wait until the other person asks what's wrong.

Since today's world is so cyber focused, many people communicate via text message, email, and instant messaging.  Many times, words are misinterpreted thus creating havoc in cyber city.

I am guilty of this.  I can call someone a bitch, and if this person knows me outside of my computer screen, they will know the meaning behind my word.

More often than not, my meaning of the word bitch is a term of endearment, unless our conversation turns argumentative.  Someone not personally knowing me may take offense to my use of the word bitch.

I have noticed that a lot of us often find new cyber friends, and we tell them, "I love you!"  This is tricky.  If you say this to someone who has become emotionally attached to your words, they may think that you actually romantically have feelings for them, when instead you think they are really fucking awesome, and the best way to say that is with an "I love you!"

I throw those around to my online buddies all the time.  I think, or at least I hope, they know that I mean I love them as a friend, respect their honesty and friendship and think they are great, and that I'm not trying to get into their skivvies.  AND if I say that I want to kiss you, that doesn't mean I want to kiss you where you pee.

"I hate you!" from me usually means I'm fucking jealous of you, bitch!  Usually accompanied by an "LOL" or :-)
Some people take that literal and think you actually have ill feelings toward them.

When I first started getting involved with the "online" thing, I got emotionally involved with someone.  How does that happen? Well, I think it's because my mind was stimulated with such words that allowed me to create a perfect reality with my imagination and my own expectations.

I similize online communication to that of reading a book.  Many people can read the same words, yet each interpretation can be slight to vast.  Of these interpretations, how many of them are even close to that which the author was feeling at the time? 

If you read the following: 

"David found himself lying between her legs. He captured her wrists and braced them on either side of her thrashing head. His chest crushed her breasts and he could feel her heart thundering against him. The shock of her wriggling jolted him. His gaze fell first on the curve of her lips then rose to her flushed face, and he suddenly welcomed the doubt growing in her eyes."

Some may get slightly aroused, some may linger in anticipation, others may not just give a shit what they just read because it's just crap.  My point is, everyone who just read that may be thinking differently about what is going on with this man and woman.

It's all about interpretation.  That was actually a line taken from a scene in a book where the lady was trying to escape being captured and put to death by this guy.

I read the best phrase ever today in Wicked Mike's blog.  It said,"pixel people" never let them close enough to hurt you.
Isn't that the truth?  Without actually knowing someone, and only conversing with them via the computer, to each, we are pixel people.  

Some are very true to themselves, but are a rarity, while most are only partially true, with some exaggerations.  Then there are the rest who are nothing like the real person, only eluding you with false truths, or their fantasy version of themself.

I think we all just need to pay a little bit more attention to what we say and who we say it to when talking online, because you never really know who's on the other side of that screen.

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