12 April 2009

14 Apr 08 - Randomness of my mind

I've got a really funky cold right now.  It kept me inside and basically in bed all weekend and most of the day at work.  Maybe it's because the temperature in my house is about 62 degrees?  What can I say, I'm a cheap bitch.

I'm writing a  blog because I'm avoiding doing my state taxes.  Yeah, I know they are due tomorrow, but I'm a procrastinator.  There isn't much to do anyway, just fill out one piece of paper and mail it off.  I don't know why I'm delaying it.  Maybe because it feels like work?

I did some shopping today and got a really cool new scanner/printer/copier for $50.  It's pretty sweet!  It even came with some picture paper soz I can print out some pics and stick them on my wall at work.

Some of you are like me, and live the single life, which means you cook for yourself and probably not anyone else.  Well, have you ever noticed a lot of the packaging for what I call "single food" comes "easy open"?

I call bullshit on the easy open part.  Why is this the hardest thing to ever open?  Ever!  The directions say "pull here" or "tear here" when in all actuality it should say, "tear anywhere BUT here" or "just get some damn scissors".

Even the macaroni and cheese box isn't easy to open.  Well, if you're a girl and have fingernails, it's not easy to open, unless you want to rip one of your fingernails off and run screaming into the bathroom with blood running down your arm.  That box even says, "push in here".  It should say something like "tear at top" or "use a spoon to press this in cuz if you try to open this, you will injure yourself."

Then there are the packages with the "resealable" feature.  Ha! HAHAHAHA!  That shit never works!  If it does work, trying to get it back open is like trying to peel a wet cat off your back.

Has anyone else noticed how things come in "handy sizes" now?  What the shit is that about?  I can't get the bags of popcorn I like in regular sized bags anymore because now they are in "single serving" sized bags.  Um, no.  If I wanted a single serving, I would only eat half the bag, but I popped the whole bag and intended on eating the whole damn thing!

Is this the governments way of limiting proportions to our ever growing fat asses?  I've noticed that even the size of bags of chips are getting smaller.  I got a bag of fritos the other day, and they come in Family Sized, or, Junior Sized.  Well, it's not really called Junior Size, but that's how it looks!  It's at least 3-5 oz smaller than the normal sized bags used to be!  What?  WHY?!?  I had to buy two bags just so I didn't feel like I was being cheated out of any Fritos.  Sure, I could have bought the Family Sized bag, but it was way more expensive.

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