12 April 2009

12 June 06 - Where's Jeeves?

I noticed a commercial the other day for Ask.com. I started to wonder if this was the same as AskJeeves.com. So I did some research, and it is! They poor bastards fired Jeeves, and now it's just known as ask.com. Well, they say that after 10 long years of service, Jeeves has retired. What?!? After only working for ten years his bald ass can retire? Where the fuck can I sign up for this shit?

I don't think he retired, I think he got caught banging the bosses daughter and his ass got fired. He's living it up, because he threatened to blackmail his employer with information he found connecting them to illegal immigrant and drug smuggling, so they paid him off to keep quiet. That's a smart man, Jeeves. He's documenting his travels while in retirement, and ask.com has been gracious enough to publish his journeys along with pictures.

Here we see Jeeves chillin behind the bar, scoping out the area for some hot beach ass.

Here is Jeeves getting drunk as fuck in the Provence vineyards.

This was taken by the police copter after Jeeves dumped the body of a hooker he picked up in Sydney.


Jeeves always loved the jungle. He had a thing for hot monkey sex, only Jeeves took that quite literal.

Until the Syndey police grows weary of searching for Jeeves, he's planning to scam on some hot alien pussy. I'm sure he'll be back to Earth soon, once he pisses off some alien chick's father and knocks her up with human babies.

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