12 April 2009

24 Jan 07 - You've lost that blogging feeling

I love blogging.  I love blogging more than jogging.  Yeah it doesn't make sense, but so fucking what, I thought it was cute.  You thought you were about to enter a Doctor fucking Seuss book huh?  Don't lie, I know you did.

Something has happened to my blog drive as of late.  I don't know if it's the pull of the moon in venus or whatever that shit is about, or the weather, but something is not right.  I have lost the ambition to write good shit.  Sure, I still blog, but it's a crap shoot.  Sometimes good, sometimes it's crap.  Even I don't know how it will turn out and I'm the one writing it.

I used to log on to my computer, check my blogs and head straight for one certain  blog.  No matter what, that one blog always made my day.  It could have been funny, serious, or retarded.  It didn't matter because I always looked forward to that blog.  I've lost that, and with that my drive to blog worth a shit. 

I've tried to get involved with blog groups, but alas, they all think my blogs are crap or just not their style. Duh, of course they aren't your style, they are my style, cuz they are my blogs.  I guess I need to find a new blog crush.  Someone that writes regularly, who isn't a stuck up panty stain, or boring.  It'd be nice if they also read my blogs from time to time.  A comment or two wouldn't hurt either. 

I need some blog excitement in my life.  If looking forward to a blog or a comment from someone adds that spice, I will take it.  Things are bleak right now.  It's like watching a ball game, any ball game, and the team you are rooting for is down by like 100.  You like the game and want to watch, but you know it's going to be a shut out, so you're just not that interested in it.  What I need is the Michael Jordan of blogging to come out and carry my team to a comeback victory.  I can't be awesome all by myself, it doesn't work like that.

Are you out there blogging wonder super hero?  Come rescue me from the mundane.  I need a witty, satirical, honest, intelligent person to save me from the boring and stupid.  Now, I'm not saying all the blogs I read are boring and stupid, I just need something with that special sauce that speaks to me.

Eh, maybe I just need a chocolate bar?

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