12 April 2009

25 Jul 07 - The move

Okay, for the record, in case you didn't already know, moving sucks; doing it alone sucks huge manatee balls and then some.  I started packing Saturday night, and did as much as I could before I got tired, which was pretty late.

I got up Sunday and packed some more, then started hauling shit in my car.  Since I was up late Saturday, I didn't get up until after noon on Sunday.  Well, I made about four trips before I finally called it quits around 2am.

I was supposed to have an interview Monday at some point, but the company never called the temp service back, so I just went and packed up more shit and hauled it to my new place.

I tried to rent a UHaul, but those are way too damn expensive, and I only had $60, so I kept trying to ask various friends if they would help.  I mean, I tried to ask on Sunday, but no one would call me back, or was available to help.  So I kept moving shit in my car.

Oh yeah, I got another note taped to my door Sunday morning from bitch face about needing to be out "THAT DAY" or she would have the sherrif serve an eviction notice.  Blah, blah, blah.  Her past few notes had been on bright pink construction paper, written in black marker, so I wrote her a note back, on 14x14" paper, in black marker, letting her know I would get the rest of my stuff Monday, because I couldn't fit everything in my car, no matter how hard I tried.  Of course I underlined random words and circled a few, just to mock her.

Towards the middle of Monday, my only truck lead was in Vegas, and no one else would help.  Not knowing what to do, and wanting very badly to get the hell out of that apartment, I called on my friend Todd again.  He had been busy working the previous day, and I knew he'd be busy working again today, but I had no other options.

Thankfully, he lent his son and nephew to me.  They came over and moved all of my big and heavy furniture.  It took longer than I had expected because we didn't have any straps to tie shit down with, but we got it taken care of in two trips, loading up my car too. 

Talk about awesome!  Justin and Tim had already worked a full day with Todd and came over to help me.  I really appreciate them for helping, and Todd for letting us use the truck and trailor.  Thanks guys!!!

So, we finished up around 1am, and I laid down around 2am, but didn't fall asleep until after 3, I know.  Well, I had to be up and at a job at 8am, so my ass was fucking tired come 6am, which of course, I didn't get up until 630.  (I'll write more about the job stuff in a seperate blog.  This one is for moving.)

Well, I still had a few things left at the old shit hole that I needed to get out before I could hand over my keys, so after work I went home, ate and changed.  I packed in as much crap as I could, not wanting to make a second trip back, but I was defeated by the laws of physics.  Dammit!

I drove my stuff home and had to go inside and lie down for a few minutes because I felt ill.  I seriously felt like I was going to vomit.  While lying down, I noticed that my feet and ankles were really swollen.  I felt like my fingers were swollen that day, but never paid much attention to it.

I got up and unpacked my car.  I mustered all my strength to get the last little bit in and leaned over to vomit, but nothing came up.  Thank God, because I really hate to throw up, and I would have hated puking in the front yard. LOL

I sat down for a little bit, then ventured back to get the last remaining items of my shit.  One of which, was my kittie's other litter box.  See, I have two of them, one for each cat, but only brought one with me initially.  I was trying to conserve the litter, but once I got it in my car and saw there wouldn't be enough room, I dumped the litter out. 

Oh, where did I dump the litter?  In that bitches garden. HAHAHA!  While I was packing up the rest of my things, I saw a little dog walk by and take a piss right where I dumped the litter.  SWEET!!

Once I piled everything in my car, I took a strip of masking tape, stuck both keys to it, then taped it to the outside of skank's screen door.  Did I mention how dirty I left the place?  Yeah, I wasn't about to clean up, one because I'm stubborn, and two, because I was fucking worn the fuck out!  Plus I left a few treats behind, like some old magazines, clothes, food in the fridge and freezer, and the elliptical machine I got a few years ago.  That thing was too heavy to move, I wasn't about to take it apart, plus it didn't work all that great.  Not to mention the limited space left in the house because of all of my shit, that thing wouldn't even fit!

Last night, while unpacking the last and final load of crap, I noticed how big of a help my roommate was by helping me because I had to do this stuff all by myself.  At least I got my bed put together and the tv working for now.

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