12 April 2009

4 Sept 07 - Don't knock the nose-pon

What a busy flipping weekend.  Monday, since I got a paid day off, I took advantage of that and did lots of stuff.  I went to the grocery, did laundry, mowed the yard, made dinner, cleaned the shitter box, and took out the trash.  When I finished mowing the yard, aside from feeling like I was having a heart attack, I had a sneeze attack.  Then my brain must have melted because it started running out of my left nostril.  Then I would sneeze some more. 

I sneezed so hard, I shot snot across the room and onto my mirror.  That was a pretty sweet feat if you ask me.  I took some generic sudafed so I could sleep, but that wore off and I forgot to refuel this morning.  So all day my left nostril and left eye leaked. 

Since we had an assessment this morning, I was getting on my own nerves with the sniffles and blowing of the nose noises.  I took a square of toilet paper and crammed it in my nose hole.  This stopped the constant flow of snot and it stopped my eye from watering.  GENIUS!

Every so often I'd have to change my nosepon because it would get soaked with goo.  I've got one in my nose as we speak.  Sure it looks funny, and people look at you like you got popped in the nose, but it works!  From one angle it looks like a really big booger.  I just hope I don't push the tissue up too far that I lose it.  I would attempt to put a small tampon up there, you know, cuz it has a string, but I might not be able to get it out since they expand with absorption.

Class has actually gotten better.  I've befriended the three I last spoke of, which now means I can make fun of all their idosyncrasies and that makes them laugh, which makes me HILARIOUS! 

We have collectively joined forces and hate the other side of the desk now.  Especially one girl, Miss "I can teach class better than the teacher."  Because she obviously knows more than our teacher, and lets us know this.  So we just laugh and make fun of her.  Her illness has spread to the smoking preggo woman too because she too tries to teach things.  Ha!  Like the blind leading the blind.  I'll learn on my own and from the real teacher, thanks.

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