12 April 2009

27 Jul 07 - New Job

In my job search, I went to a temp agency since they tend to get you placed quicker and pay much faster.  I initially had a job interview set up for last Friday, but when I got to the temp place, the woman I was supposed to meet with didn't have her schedule book, so the interview was postponed until Monday.

Well, I was up all night moving, and thought I got a call from the temp service real early, but I could have been dreaming because I didn't see their number on my list of calls.  I got an email a little later saying that the law firm I was supposed to interview with never called the temp place back, but they had forwarded on my resume to another place downtown. 

Since I wasn't going to be doing any interviews, I went ahead and did more moving.  I got a call that afternoon saying the office downtown wanted me to start the next day, Tuesday morning.  That was pretty awesome, since I didn't have to interview or anything, but they told me the job was only for 2 months.  Whatever, just get me monies!

Well, Monday night, I had trouble going to sleep and only got about 3-4 hours of sleep then it was time to get up and get ready for work.  I was so damn tired, but tried to be happy and cheerful.  I wore a nice business suit dress, and noticed when I got there, I was clearly overdressed.  Not that they were all dressed in jeans and tshirts, but more casual.

So, I'm learning about who does what and what goes where, and of course it makes no sense to me because it's my first day.  Plus, I forgot to take my medicine the night before and I felt all dizzy and passy-outish every time I stood up or walked. 

I was able to grasp the basics of being the receptionist, because I'd just answer the phone and file stuff.  Filing was only hard because I had on shoes that hurt my feet and every time I moved, I wore a blister on my heel.  Later I found that my shoes hurt because my feet were all swollen.

I didn't have computer access, so I just sat at the desk, trying to look busy and answering the phone, pretending I was Pam from The Office.  A few times I went outside and smoked with a group of 4 who all seem to have a dislike for one woman in the office.

I quickly like this group of 4 because they are mean, like myself, and funny.  Even though I spent most of my first day filing, the job is only from 8-5 and I really like it.  I mean, I'm not doing much really.  Answering phones, stuffing envelopes and filing stuff.

After I got home on the first day, I finished up my moving but on the second day, I went straight to bed.  No shit.  I went to bed at 5:45, got up around 11 to clean out the litter box and change, then went back to bed.  I actually did the same thing last night, but I got up at 11 to change, then went back to bed.  When I got up this morning, my feet weren't swollen, but when I got up to the office, my left foot started swelling a little.  FUCK!  Why won't you stay normal, foot?  I'm drinking water, and only water and it sucks.  I'm pissing like a mad cow, and my foot still looks like I borrowed it from Fred Flintstone.

Anyway, on my second day at work I got access to the computer and was able to keep myself occupied with some surfing.  I was a bit hesitant to get on my normal sites, but once I saw that myspace was already in the internet history, I logged right on. HA!

So, here I sit, I'm bored right now, but am getting ready to ask for some work so I don't fall asleep.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some shit done at home this weekend and try to get organized.  At least I don't have to work weekends! YAY!

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