12 April 2009

14 Sept 07 - Sparky McFadderson!

What a long assed week!  We are still in training at work, and instead of finishing up by the twenty first or fourth or whatever, we will probably be in training until October 1st. 

No, it's not because we are remedial fucking idiots with brain damage, it's because people aren't doing their job!  We have to access two systems and only half of us have user names and passwords for it and it's slowing us down.  So each day that we run out of shit to do, we just get read to like we were all four years old.  I've done so many sudoku puzzles, I'm almost finished with all the easy ones and there are over 100 of them!

One good thing, no, great thing happened this week.  Granny brought me some patches to put on my back and ZOMG!  I have never slept better in my life (that I can remember.  drunk nights don't count.)  I had zero back pain and didn't know what to do with myself!

I really needed those especially after I mowed the yard Wednesday.  My back hurt so bad when I finished that I could hardly walk.  I put one of those thingys on and *poof* like a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser, the pain was erased!  I'm totally going to get addicted to sticky back patches! Ha!  Wonder if they have rehab for that?

Anyways, a few people at work are becoming empowered with their know-it-all-ness.  They like to pipe up when someone is wrong, and point it out that "they" have the right answer.  One of them is Prego Doody Smoker and her partner I'mPerfect.

Well today, ADD and myself were trying to pull up our batch to review with the rest of the class, and I had mistakenly closed it and released it into the system.  Well, while I searched for instructions in my book on how to get it back, I'mPerfect came over and comondeered my effing keyboard!  Once I found what I was looking for, noticed she was in the wrong damn place anyway, I told her I could do it.  Did she leave?  Fucking hell no she didn't!  She stayed there and continued to fuck up until she finally pulled up our shit.  Wow.  I totally could have been done in half the time it took her to fix it for me.  Thanks.  I have no idea what I would have done without her help.

Well, at lunch, Prego Doody Smoker and I'mPerfect sat at the table with myself, ADD, Limpy, and Granny.  Why?  I have no fucking clue!  They shared tidbits on how RottenTeeth was annoying and how he was helping people who didn't ask for it.  Wait for it. . . Yes I'mPerfect said she only helped people who asked for it.  BWAHAHAHA!  My ASS!!  All the rest of us were thinking the same thing, YEAH RIGHT!

Another good thing, that went bad was in our dining room area, one of the Coke vending machines was broken.  But in a good way!  You could put one quarter in the machine and it would be spat back out, but the currency counter would register $.25.  So if you put the same quarter in the machine four times, pressed your selection, you got a free drink!  It was sweet ass, until someone fixed it.  Now it's boo.

I hung out with my friend K after work for a bit today.  He's got the cutest lil doggie, SPARKY MCFADDERSON!  Ha!  You love it.  His dog totally hits on chicks when they walk past the patio.  He's like a dog version of my cat, but I believe Elton is a bit fatter.

Okay, I've got to go cuz Dr.Who is on and I'm distracted.  OMG!  Speaking of Dr.Who, there is a paper towel dispenser in the hall next to our office and each time you pull down a sheet, it sounds just LIKE the Tardis!  Cheers if you know what the piss I'm talking about!

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