12 April 2009

3 Nov 07 - Ew, you're nasty!

You may or may not know that I am a bit OCD when it comes to germs.  Not that I'm all germaphobic like Howie Mandel, but I've got pretty good hygiene.  Well, good hygiene except on the weekends when I sometimes, okay most times, don't take a shower on Saturday unless I'm going somewhere substantial, like out to meet people.

Sure, I may not like to clean my bathroom and it gets a bit quarantine looking by the time I finally clean it, but I still bathe and wash my hair at least 5 out of 7 days a week.  One thing I ALWAYS, A-L-W-A-Y-S do is wash my hands after I use the toilet.  Not doing so is just nasty.  Especially if you are at work and you touch dorknobs and other things that people will come behind you and touch.

What the piss is my point?  Well, last night I was working and got to talking about hand sanitizer.  You know, the gel alcohol stuff that you squirt in your hand, rub around and it evaporates while sanitizing your hands from germs?  I started talking about it because there is one king, germ X, that is tourquoise and has a purple flower on the front, and smells really good!  Unlike the purell crap, I like the smell of this stuff and it has been hard to find.

Well, a girl sitting next to me had a bottle and I asked her where she got it, then we started talking about using it and washing our hands.  That lead us to a conversation about people we work with who don't wash their hand after they've used the toilet.  What's even worse is someone who didn't wash her hands after changing her tampon.  GAG!!!  Even worse than THAT, someone flushed one of the toilets in the cubicle and left shit on the handle!

Now, not only do I want to run out and buy a box of latex gloves and toilet seat covers, I don't want to use the toilet at work unless I have to.  Going in there makes me want to just gag.  Which has happened once.  Using the restroom and leaving feeling like I needed a shower. 

I don't know if someone pissed on the toilet seat or if they just had major swap ass and sweated all over the seat, but I once sat down and my butt got wet.  Ew.  Add a box of wet ones to my list of restroom supplies.

So, after work, I went to a walmart and found two bottles of the germ-X that I've been looking for.  If anyone knows where I can pick up some toilet seat covers, sent me an email.  I'm going to have to put a potty kit together for my trips to the restroom at work. 

Why are people so fucking nasty?  Sickos!  Maybe I'll have to bring my can of Lysol spray to work?  Forget that, I need it at home, I'll just buy a new cam for work, along with some wipey things.

Am I being a bit out of control about this or does my reaction seem normal?  I mean I know I'm going to touch some nasty shit, but it doesn't have to be that nasty and make me sick!  I would rather just smack some sense into these fools and make them wash they damn hands!  Sorry, I went a bit "black" on ya'll but ornery dumbasses like that just piss me off.

Do you work with nasty fucks like that?  Do you work with nasty asses only aren't aware of it maybe?  You should totally call them out on being gross cuz ya'll know that I'm going to hit the point home about hand washing at work next week, and very loudly. Cuz people be nasty.

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