12 April 2009

14 Jul 07 - Awww, I fucked up. Dammit!!!

Ooooh MY GOD!!! I really wanted to beat this woman with a very heavy metal object because my shoe just wouldn't do enough damage to her fat ass.

So, this crazy cunt comes into the store this afternoon.  I start out all nice, as usual and offer to help her with an upgraded phone.  I go over the phones with her, and she spouts off about a discount she gets that offers the phone at $50 off.  I check out the information for the FAN she gave me, which says nothing about $50 off any equipment or accessories. 

Bitch loses her mind. She starts flipping out because what it says online doesn't correspond with some fucking note she got from the breakroom or some bullshit.  I told her I could sell her a phone at the discounted price, but she didn't like the cheapest one we had.  I told her sorry, and if she wanted, she could go to a corporate location.

Then she starts flipping out because she's on her lunch break and doesn't have time to go to another location.  Again, I say sorry, and tell her I can offer her a phone at the listed price.  She leaves, but comes back 20 seconds later and accuses me of breaking her phone.  Hey dumbass, that shit was busted when you brought it in here.

She starts rambling on again about wanting a phone wtih $50 off, but I told her, sorry I couldn't do that, but if she brought the letter to me, I'd consider it.  She flips out again, stands in front of me all pissed off-like, sort of looking like a very chubby chicken, and I tell her that we can either activate her a phone, or she can stand there shaking her head, wasting time.

So that pisses crazy Bertha off even more, she leaves, but not before calling me a bitch as she gets to the door to walk out.  Why thank you! :)  I didn't know she cared!

Well, 10 minutes later, the cow comes back with a generic typed up letter saying she gets a 10% discount off service, correct, and $50 off a new phone and accessories, wrong-o beeyotch.  She slammed the paper on my desk and demanded a phone.  I Told her to take her fat crazy ass on, because I wasn't going to help her with her being all out of control.  She asks my name, I don't tell her, duh, but she picks up a business card and says my name.  Then I say, "Yeah, I think that's me, it might not be though!"

She screams, "I'm going to call and complain about you!"  To which I reply, "I'm already making notes about what a crazy ass bitch you are."

I guess that made her cry, because she stalked Tom down in the parking lot, crying, and pleaded with him to activate her a new phone.  She said she wanted to come in here, but only if I went to the back or some shit.  Fuck her!  You know I sat right here the whole time and typed this blog!  Breathe in my nasty farts you ugly fuck!

So, I hope she gets in trouble, because she's late getting back from lunch cuz Tom takes forever to activate a phone. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Damn, I need a cigarette.

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