12 April 2009

18 Oct 06 Can you hear or are you just fucking retarded?

So I get lots of people that come into our stores of various locations, yet they all seem to posses the same malfunction in their brain.  When they come in to make a payment on their wireless bill, they always ask, "Can I make a payment here?"  Our reply is always, "We can accept a payment with a debit or credit card."

The reason our stores only accept payments with debit or credit cards is because we aren't set up for any other form of payment.  This was attempted before and customer accounts weren't being credited, thus causing problems and even disconnects which = pissed off people.  So, we only accept debit or credit card payments since we can process those online in the POS system. 

Okay, so WHY is it that EVERYTIME, EACH customer ALWAYS asks, "So....you don't accept cash/checks?"  
Umm, what the fuck did I just say shitbreath?  What part of "debit or credit" to you does not compute?  Do you think that is code for cash/check and even money order?  Seriously!

This doesn't happen once a week or a few times a month, this happens at least DAILY!  It'd be cool if after I told them we only accept debit or credit, they took that info, processed it and said, okay thanks but I needed to pay with cash/check/money order, then left, but noooooooo!

I wonder if these people know how fucking moronic they sound when they ask that question they were just told the answer to?  I'm sure they don't know how hilarious it is to those of us who work here. 

A few weeks ago, some co workers and I were conversing about this very subject, and right then a customer came in and asked the famous payment question.  I tried SO HARD to contain my laughter when she asked, "So I can't pay with cash?" but I could not.  She turned and gave me an evil look, but I don't care.  I had to release my laughter at her stupidity.  Hey, if you ask a retarded question, don't expect me to not laugh at you and your dumbness.

Aside from that, my customers are not bad.  I have a few sketchy ones, but the rest are great.  I love it how everyone wants something for nothing.  When did people get so damn cheap?

We had our Harrodsburg Grand Opening last Saturday and no fucking body showed up!  Well, we had a few people come in and look around, but not like we'd hoped.  We even advertised that we were giving away Free SHIT!  I thought for sure people wouldn't pass up free shit, but I was wrong. 

So now we have tons of cingular cups, coozies, hackie sacks, chip clips, mints, and even temporary tattoos.  Yes, I know.  Who the mother fuck would want a cingular temporary tattoo?  I have no idea either.

But the gift giving doesn't stop there!  Oh yes, there is more!  We have tape measures with a level, headsets that have a flashlight on the side, keychains, flashlights, CDs, sunglasses, tire gauges, and remote controlled boats.  Don't ask, I have no idea where it came from, but hey, it's free! LOL

Yeah, "Thanks for choosing Cingular!  Here's your new phone, and I've thrown in a free tape measure and a copy of Perry Como's greatest hits for you!"  Riiight.

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