12 April 2009

2 Dec 07 - Drunken idiot injures self while urinating

I woke up Friday and felt like hell twice over.  I had a major headache and the shiz.  So I called in sick and slept all day.  For serious.  ALL DAY.  I think I got up to eat a pb&j sammich around midnight, then went back to bed. 

Saturday I felt a little better, but still had the shiz.  Once I ate something other than pb&j, my stomach felt better.  I still sat around and watched tv and played Zelda on my DS.  Around 11pm I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to go out.

So, I jumped in the shower, got ready and headed to my favorite hole in the wall.  Things were okay, but not many of the regulars were there, so I only knew two guys that were already there, along with the bartender and karaoke operator.  Later another familiar face came in and we all sat and drank together until closing time. 

It was a pretty good time.  We hung out after closing and chatted with the bartender for a bit, then we left.  I was taking a friend home, but not before stopping at Sliders for some fries and chicken rings, cuz they rawk hardcore, yo.

My friend didn't live far from me, so I dropped him off.  On the way to my house, I had a really bad urge to pee.  In my town, the closer to my house, the less things are open past 10pm, and it was after 4am. 

Less than a mile from my house, I couldn't stand it any more, so I pulled over into a parking lot, went around to the passenger side of my car, opened the door and dropped trou.  What?  Dude, I had to pee!

So, in the split second that I squtted down, BAM!  I started to fall backwards.  As instincts go, I put my right arm out to protect my fall.  OW! Stupid instincts!  I continue to tinkle with my throbbing wrist.  Man my bladder was FULL!  I know I was waiting for a while, or what seemed like forever because I just KNEW a car or better yet a COP would drive by.  Thankfully no one did.

I finished up and continued home.  I had to clean myself off because I know when I fell I landed in some pee.  So while in the bathroom I was really starting to feel the pain of my wrist.  MOTHERFUCKER! 

Great.  Just great.  What a way to injure myself.  I can see it now, "How'd you hurt your wrist?"  "Oh, I was squatting to piss in a parking lot after drinking about 6 beers and fell backwards."

How is there any other way to explain that?  "Oh I fell and tried to brace my fall?"  I mean, that's kind of true.

I don't think I broke any bones because my wrist/arm isn't misshapen it just hurts like a fiery hot poker to the eye.  So I wrapped it in my ace bandage and iced it down.  Hopefully it will get better.  If not, I'll just have to wait until January to have a doctor look at it.  Stupid insurance.

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