12 April 2009

9 Aug 06 - Death to Tricia

If I'm not able to complete this blog as I am currently writing it, I will fiinish it when I get home.  See, I'm at work right now and don't get off until 8pm tonight.  Let me fill you in, come on along with me...

Monday I had a bitch fight with snotty monkey #2.  For no reason other than her underwear being too far up her ass, she got a smart ass attitude with me over something rediculous.  That didn't bother me so much, as what my supervisor did when the bitch fight occurred, which was not a mother fucking thing.  She told us if we needed to discuss a problem to do it in her office.  That is all she said.

That chapped my ass.  Not only that, I was pissed because on Friday, I had no idea Sorority bitch wasn't going to be at work because no one talked to me, let alone told me she wasn't coming in. 

So, Monday, after the bullshit hit the fan, I was half a second from picking up my shit and walking out.  Fuck that place!  I don't need any more of their fucking crybaby bullshit.  I was talked into staying and told I needed to find a new job before I left.  I know, dammit!

Well, a friend took me out for drinks after work and let me vent, poor fella.  I was trying to decide if I was going to actually go to work Tuesday or just show up late.  A friend of mine set an interview up for me at a Cingular store for 1pm, so I knew, no matter what, I would need to be in Lexington Tuesday afternoon.

I decided to get up and drag my sorry ass out of bed Tuesday morning, but I showed up an hour late for work.  I thought it was pretty fucking hilarious because no one called or texted me like usual.  So when I walked in, Sorority bitch asked to see me in her office.

I picked up my purse, walked into her office and said, "What's up?"  She said, "Tricia, it's 9:24, and you're just now showing up.  What's going on with you?"  My reply?  "Honestly, I have a hard time finding the motivation to get out of bed and come to work with a bunch of people I can't stand."

Well, I thought it was funny.  She went on her little holier than thou speech about something.  I wasn't really listening.  I did hear her say, "You know you are on the verge of losing your job."  I said, "Yeah, I know!"  I don't think she appreciated my light heartedness of the situation.

She then went on and on again, but all I heard was, blah, blah, blah.  Finally, she asked, "Are you trying to push me?"  I responded to that with, "Ya think?"

No longer able to put up with my sarcastic remarks she stormed off and said she'd get the guys upstairs to escort me the hell out of there to make sure I didn't take anything that didn't belong to me.  Bitch!  Accusing me of stealing!  I totally wanted to smack a hoe, but instead I sat in my chair and waited for my boss to come down.  Which he did.

He walked over to me and I said, "What's going on Jeff?"  He said, "Nothing much.  What's going on with you?"  "Oh, just waiting to be fired," was my comment to him.  Well, I got my stuff and went upstairs to his office.  It was kind of a weird yet funny meeting because I told them I wasn't leaving without being fired.

They wrote me out a termination letter which agreed to pay me for the rest of the week. Sweet! haha!  I was out of there by 10:30. 

When I walked to my car, I had never felt as good as I did at that moment!  I felt 100 lbs lighter, and happy!  I went home, got online and got ready for my 1pm job interview.

While I was getting ready I got a call for an interview in Frankfort.  I also got a call for a job at Tmobile.  Well, when I interviewed in Lexington, they hired me on the spot, and that's where I am today.

I really think I am going to like it here.  I work for a company that owns a chain of Cingular stores, and is opening more in the area.  They will have me working in Lexington, Lawrenceburg, Versailles, and Harrodsburg. 

Today is my first day, and I like it so far, even though today has been a slow day.  The people I work with are cool, and around my age.  I'll be making some good money once I get the ball rolling and feel comfortable with their system.  I'm excited and happy now.  It seems like things are finally looking up!  Hooray!!

The entire week, all I could think about was my Jesus dream, and having faith.  I had faith that things would work out and they have!  Awesome!

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