12 April 2009

5 June 06 - Will You Please Tell Me!!

Please tell me why people do not wash their hands after they've gone to the restroom!This is really gross, and really seems to bother me.

I was fueling up my car yesterday at Speedway, and after all of the beer I drank prior to driving, I had to pee.I couldn't hold it until I got home, since I was about 20 minutes away, so I had to use the gas station restroom.  Ugh.  I really hate doing that.  Especially when it's kind of an older gas station, and they don't have the toilet paper butt protectors.

I go in, redeem my Speedy Rewards to try and save a few pennies on gas, and truck it to the shitter.  The first door I try is the fat people's stall.  I like it because it's roomy, and usually has a nice little table or something for me to set my keys on.  It was locked.  Fuck!  I try the other stall and it's locked too.  Shit!

So, I stand around and wait for someone to flush and come out.  The first one out was in the tiny stall.  It was a Speedway Employee.  I know this, because she was wearing her Speedway outfit and hat.  What threw me off, was she went from stall to exit door and didn't stop in between to wash the piss or crotch germs off her hands.  Gross!!!

Now I don't care if she stocks beer, or works the cash register, touching anything after taking a piss and not washing your hands is just gross.
Especially if other people are going to come in contact with the shit you touch.

I see this with the germtastic assmonkey's I work with too.  There are two stalls in our restroom on our floor.  One is the fatty stall, and the other is the regular one.  I like the regular one because it's not in front of the sink with the mirror.  I don't need people trying to catch a peek while I'm taking a piss or God forbid have to play bomb's away and ass splash.

Since that is my favorite stall, you can't see in, and you can't see out.  Well only our employees use that stall, because we hardly have visitors to our office.  On more than one occasion, I have heard someone flush, and leave without stopping to wash their hands.  I try to look and see who it was, so I can call them out on being a nasty ass, but it doesn't work.

Then I try to go ask who just came back from the bathroom, because they didn't wash their hands, but no fucking body pays attention.  Ew.

With all the death spreading rapidly in Rep Services, I'm afraid to touch anything, because I know there are one or more nasty asses who don't wash their hands after they squat.

Last week, one girl sounded like she had whooping cough or some shit, she was caughing so bad.  Then today I saw the fat pregnant girl who looked like she was about to pass out.  She had just came out of the bathroom too, and it smelled of rotten animal death in there.  I made extra special sure that once I washed my hands, for about 5 minutes, I didn't touch anything without having a paper towel in my hand.

The next thing I want you to tell me is, when is it decided that you are dating someone?  Who makes that decision?  Is it talked about or just assumed?

Obviously I have been out of the dating loop for a while.  I mean, I've met a few nice people and gone out with them, but it didn't turn into anything.  

I talked to one of my old guy friends whom I thought I dated, but was apparently wrong, because he said we were just getting to know one another.  Okay, that's fair.  When does it go from getting to know one another, to dating?  Is this discussed?  Is it after a 30 day waiting period?  What are the rules and stipulations of this?

See, in my warped little mind, I think it's dating if I do things, hang out, and have sex with only that person.  That's because I've warded off all of the other potential datee's and stuck with one.  Is this not the way it works?  Do you have to talk about it now?  Am I too countryfied to know what the hell I'm talking about?  Do these sound like a fucking teenager's questions? 

Obviously I have screwed up and had things screwed up in past relationships.  I'm just trying to know what the fuck is going on now, because all of my friends who would otherwise discuss these things with me, have been married or in a long term relationship.
Now I have to depend on you to help me.  Please help me!

See, back in the day, when I was in high school, when you started seeing someone, you weren't dating, you were "talking."  Talking about what, I don't know, but you weren't dating until it was talked about.

I remember a few years ago getting weirded out when a guy, about 4 years older than me, asked if he could be my boyfriend. Uhhhh.....seriously?  You did not just seriously ask me that and were not kidding?  What?

If I'm interested in someone, they'll know.  I usually bother them a lot, but not in a stalker kind of way.  Maybe borderline stalker, but I don't harm their vehicles or animals.  Nor do I take pictures without their knowledge. LOL  Seriously, if I want to date someone, do I need to tell them, "Hey, let's date!"  or do I just keep letting them know I want to hang out/go out with them?

I need help guys, seriously.  I have an appointment with my psychiatrist next monday, but I don't think even she would know the answers to my questions.  I hope you guys can help a sista out!

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