12 April 2009

25 Jan 07 - Customers suck

I had a customer yesterday that while upgrading his phone, asked if he could change his numbers so they wouldn't be long distance for people in Lexington to call.  Sure, no problem.  I can change your number for $36, that will be added to your next bill.  He seemed pleased and wanted to change both numbers.  As I checked for sequential numbers for him, he seemed comfused.  He wanted to keep both of his numbers.  

"Um...you mean you want the last 4 to remain the same?"   

"No, I want to keep the whole number the same and just make it local."

Okay genius, it doesn't work that way.  I had to explain to him how each service city had a set prefix and you can't just make any number local.  Seriously?  You didn't know this?  You're like 60, and you didn't know this?  Huh?

The same day I had a 70 year old guy come in and ask me to show him how to send a picture from his phone.  He said other stores were able to do it, but something is wrong with the phone, because he is unable to send a picture to an email address.  Yeah, sounds like a user error to me, super man. 

I walk him through each step of how to send a picture.  I have to do this in super slow motion so Rip Van Winkle can catch on.  Both times I attempted to send a picture, they went through successfully.  There isn't a problem with the phone.  I tell him that if he's not getting the pictures at the email address he's sending them to, he needed to check with his email company and make sure there isn't a block or firewall on the server to prevent things like this from being accepted.

"This is the company email.  There aren't any problems with it."

"Well, sir, there aren't any problems with your phone, and I was able to get the message from MY email address, so it'd be a good idea just to check."

What a dickhead!  His equally ancient friend tried to make an excuse for his buddy not knowing jack about his phone by saying, "You know how guys are, we never read a manual for anything! hahaha"  Shut the fuck up Cletus.

Now, I know I can't be the only person to see these next type of people.  They are the people who look normalish from one direction, but when you get a really good look at them, they seem to be one chromosome away from having down syndrome.  Am I wrong?  I know you've seen them!  I know you have!!!

I've had two encounters with these people, and both were fucking idiots!  Well, I assume one was because I didn't actually interact with her.  I was at the grocery doing my food shopping with my headset on, listening to my music and down syndrome woman looked at me like I was an alien.  I was trying to push my cart past her, and she couldn't figure out what to do.  Um...MOVE!  It's that simple.  Yeah, we danced for a few minutes before she decided to move her big ass out of the way.

Another almost-down syndrome kid came into the Lexington store this morning.  He is a prepaid customer and couldn't figure out why he was getting charged so much for his pick your plan automatic deduction.  Come to find out, he had his bank stop payment on his prepaid plan.  Well, you can't do that.  With the prepaid pick your plan, you have to have the amount automatically deducted from an account each month.  Now, it doesn't have to be a checking account, it can be a debit card or credit card.  Even a prepaid credit card would do. 

Well, he was using his checking account, and his checks kept coming back as returned, thus adding a returned check fee to his balance.  I tried to tell him, if he wanted to cancel his account, he had to call and do that, not just refuse to pay.  He left the store, still confused, but I tried to explain things as best I could, like I would to a 4 year old.  No hope for this guy.

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