12 April 2009

16 Jun 07 - Screw you J-Hole!

I'm still sick.  I still hate being sick.  Instead of being stuffed up and congested, the snot is loose and trailing down my throat.  Now I cough and sound like I've been up crying all night.  My eyes started watering yesterday.  I was waiting for someone to ask why I was crying, but since I sound like death, I think they put two and two together.

Have any of you seen "The Closer" on TNT?  It's got Kyra Sedgwick and GW Bailey (From the Police Acadamy movies.)  Anyway, my tivo recorded some episodes for me since I hadn't watched it in a while, and I decided to be more like the character Brenda while I'm at work.

It's kind of hard to explain her because she's nice, like "Southern" nice, and smiles and says "Thank you," a lot.  Then when she has a smart assed comment, she says it very politely with a smile.

Well, I've been working on perfecting this character for myself and I got to practice yesterday.  A guy came in with his phone, box in at&t bag and everything.  First he wanted help putting the SIM card from his old phone into his new Blackberry.  No problem.  Doing that is so simple, even a cave man could do it.

THEN, he wanted me to sit down and show him how to use his blackberry.  Normally, I wouldn't mind to, but we were getting close to closing, the other girl was working with a customer and there was a lot of shit that needed to be done.  I told him to go back to where his device was purchased and they could help him there.  He got all confused and asked why I wouldn't help him.  Then he got mad when I told him I couldn't help him because he chose to give the commission to another store, therefore paying them to help him, not us.

See, the owners have repeatedly told us not to help customers that didn't purchase their equipment or service from our location.  We are independantly owned and are not obligated to provide service to other customers.  Even though, most of the time I do help them if it's a small simple task like switching the SIM or something.  Explaining how to use a phone, fuck that.  Especially a blackberry,that takes forever.  Well it would have taken forever because this guy was such a retard he couldn't figure out how to put his old SIM card in his new phone!

Well, the pissed off mouth breather took my card, loudly claimed that I was providing shitty customer service and stamped and grunted off.  While I said "Thank you," and "Have a great day!"

It was kind of funny actually.  I have a harder time being as polite to j-holes on the phone though, so that's something I have to work on.

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