12 April 2009

7 Aug 08 - Mother FUCK! !!

So, I lost my temp job yesterday.  I got a message to call the temp agency since I missed their call, and the woman answering the phone told me to call in the morning, and to not report to my assignment.  I thought maybe someone was worried about my funky eye and didn't want me to come in until I had a dr. note or something.

Well, this morning I called a bit after 8am, and was told that my assignment was over.  They cited insubordination.  INSUBORDINATION!?!?  For realz?  How the holy fuck was I insubordinate?  I did everything those fucks asked of me.  Maybe they didn't like that I did my shit so fast and played on the internet when I didn't have anything to do?  I dunno.

So, now I'm looking for another job.  Weee fuck.  I really hate job hunting.  At least tomorrow I get to pick up my check and try to pay my car loan so Josh from Chase will stop calling me.

I'm really just not having a good time this year.  My eye is better now, but I can't get rid of the shits.  I seriously seem to have asplosive diarrhea daily, and think when I took the "stop the shits" pill, is when my ankles swelled up.  Maybe it's the heat?  Maybe I've been drinking too much water?  I dunno, but I sure wish I'd start shitting solids again!  It makes it hard to shop.

Like today, since I didn't have a job to go to, I did some work in the yard.  After a while, I realized I needed some gardening gloves so I went to Kmart.  I had to leave there pretty quickly, after discovering they didn't have anything I wanted, because I had to poop.

I couldn't stop at the dollar store or anywhere else because I felt the pressure rising and my ass was about to blow, so I went home.  After I crapped, of course, I went back to the dollar store and got some garden gloves and tools then came home and worked in the yard some more.

Let me tell you, it's called yard WORK for a reason.  If it were fun, it'd be called yard FUN.  My arms and hands are so damn sore, but at least the bushes are starting to look better.  We have some three foot tall thistle growing all over the back yard and that shit is prickly!  I tried cutting some of that shit down, but kept getting stuck.  Ya'll know what happened last time I messed around in the yard, I ended up sick with poison ivy for a week, then got the itchy rash.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what I did to my foot.  Since it's summertime and I've been wearing sandals all the time, my feet are rough and callused.  I have this little thingy with a razor blade on one end that shaves away the rough dead skin.  Well, the other night I got a bit overzealous with that thingy and took a huge fucking chunk out of my heel. 

As I played with the skin, I looked down at my heel to notice the blood oozing out of it.  It's not bad, but it sure as hell isn't pretty.  It never ceases to amaze me the stupid shit I end up doing to myself.  I'm actually just happy I didn't chop my fingers off while clipping away at the bushes today! LMAO!!!

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