12 April 2009

12 Apr 09 - Long overdue

I haven't blogged much since last year.  My last blog was on myspaz on election day.  I had a job then. Granted it was a shitty, thankless job, but a job nonetheless.  I had my own apartment then.  Life was good.

A few weeks after election day I was fired from my job and have been unemployed ever since.  My fulltime job became looking for employment.  There were a few times when I would have had a job had it not been for a less than stellar credit report.  How the FUCK can a job refuse to hire you according to your credit history?  I mean, I can see the logic if I were going to work in a bank, insurance claims, or dealing directly with any kind of finances, but for a call center/help desk and Coca Cola?

I even thought I was getting hired at a dermatology office last December.  I shadowed one afternoon a few hours, then again the next day.  I was supposed to get paid for that, but never did and when the girl never returned my calls about the position, I just gave up.  What a shitty way to do business, you don't even have the balls to call me back or write a letter letting me know I wasn't needed for the position?  Assfaces!

I tried to keep my apartment for as long as I could, and finally in February I had to move in with my dad.  I don't even want to talk about all the bills I currently owe for not having a job for two months, yet having an apartment with utilities.

Living with my dad has been an infinite emotional roller coaster.  Some days are good and happy and cheerful and laughy, and others, not so much.  I will say, this past week or so has been pretty level and happy, with less crazy.  

The only craziness has been from the fat old bitch next door.  That crazy cow has been running around the street bare assed naked.  The past two days, she's been cutting down her half of the very pretty purple lavender tree along the fenceline of our house.  She is an evil hateful bitch.  When my dad told me what she was doing, I went outside and stared daggers through her soulless body.  Then he told me not to do that, it was mean.  Oh no, I wanted that crazy assface to know what she did wasn't cool, and now I'd be watching her.  She doesn't want to provoke me.  I will wish her ill will until her saggy ass end up in the hospital!

So, current life is boring.  I mean, I twitter and play myspace games, watch tv and do other unimportant shit, but I don't have any of the same liberties I had when I lived and provided for myself.  Like I could drink and smoke if and when I wanted.  Now, I can not.  If I wanted to go out and stay out for the night/weekend, I could and didn't have to report my whereabouts to anyone.  Now I do.  It's not that I mind, it's just different getting used to not living by myself again.

The one good thing is the food.  I get to cook real food and real meals now without having leftovers for a fucking week.  Real food is awesome!  It's way better than prepackaged, processed shit all the time.

I feel bad for not having a job, but then again, there are millions of other people in my kind of situation too.  When I think about it like that, I don't feel as bad anymore.  So when the bill collectors call, I just tell them, "I'm unemployed.  Have been since November, and don't get unemployement."  So SUCK IT!

Another bad thing about living back at home with dad is I can't stay up very late.  Well I CAN, but I have to be quiet, because it makes him stress when I'm awake and he's trying to sleep.  Or something like that.  

Dad sits and talks with me sometimes.  He tries to explain his interpretation of some of the stories in the bible.  So far, what I've heard is God is an alien who created Earth and populated it with species from several other planets.  There was the first Earth Age, where people lived for hundres of years and in spirit form, then there is the current, or second Earth Age where people will be created until souls run out.  (No they don't get reincarnated.  I asked)

He's also told me about the bloodline of Jesus and Satan, how there were more than just two of every animal on Noah's ark, and what spit Jonah up on the beach was not a "great fish" but an alien water craft.

Sometimes, I'm not really sure how to process all of that information, but I usually just smile and nod.

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