12 April 2009

11 July 06 - M-I-C-See ya real soon! K-E-Y-Why? Because we HATE YOU AND WANT YOU TO SUFFER!

It's that time again folks.  Yes, it's time for Fortune Fest, or as I like to call it "UnFortunate Fest" and "Hell."

Next week, we fly down to Orlando for this years convention.  Thank fuck it's only three days this year instead of last year's 4 days. 

This mornig, we had a meeting about what to expect and went over the itenerary.  After that, we had a department meeting about what to wear and things to do while we're there.

First off, it's going to be awkward for me, since I'm not part of the clique and "Anastasia"  and "Drizella"  monkey have already been bonding over the trip.  Second, it was very laughable when I looked over the department itenerary and saw that "Maybe we could all have dinner together?" was listed. LMAO!!!  Fuck THAT!

I don't want to go out and eat dinner with a group of people I don't lile that don't like me.  I would rather spend time with my family than do that!  For all my white readers, think of how you would feel if you walked into a room and you were surrounded by 

And for my readers of the non-caucasian ethnicity, think of how you would feel if you walked into a room and you were surrounded by

That's how I feel when I'm at work.  Lovely ain't it?  Can't you just imagine my excitement to spend 3 days in Orlando with these assfucks?  Yeah, I am so excited that I'm bursting with fruit flavor.

I think I may bring my laptop and become a hermit the whole time, just so I don't have to socialize with anyone.  Well, at least I'll have my Treo with me, that's something.

If any of you are in or around the Orlando area next Wednesday through Saturday of next week, please email me at tricia@fhtm.net  please.  I would love to hang out with you, anyone, the homeless, just not my cow orkers.

On to something a little lighter, one of my new favorite commercials, the Orbits gum commercial.  You know, the one with Snoop?  It starts off with him infront of a classroom full of kids and he says, "And that's what it's like to be a gangster." Then he's sucked into hell and told because of his dirty mouth, he'll be there with them forever.  But the Orbits gum lady and her goat show up and say, "Dirty mouth?  Clean it up with Orbit spearment gum.  Then Snoop is whisked away to heaven. 

My favorite part is the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen which says, "Dramatization, Orbit gum will not get you into heaven."  
There went my chances.  Damn.

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