12 April 2009

18 Dec 06 - I hate you, here's why.

I was going to write a blog the other day about something I encountered that pissed me off.  Instead I shall convert this into a blog of things I hate. It's more like things that suck, but they suck enough for me to hate them.
  • Best Buy I really hate Best Buy. Each time I go in there I get pissed off.  No matter what I'm doing or what I'm looking for, those assholes manage to piss me off.  My last trip to the Devil's Lair encouraged me to write a letter telling them how shitty their customer service was.  Now, the first time, bad customer service was acceptable.  This time, during christmas when the store was not busy, no excuse. 

    Three little nerds were standing around the store computer talking about their day or some boring bullshit.  When they were done talking one asked if I needed help.  Oh no the fuck you didn't! "No, I don't need help.  Please continue with your conversation."  Hells no I wasn't nice about it either.  He asked, "Um, are you being sarcastic?"  What the fuck do you think junior?  "No, I don't need your help.  I've helped myself." By then I actually had helped myself, but I could have used that little assturd's help about 15 minutes prior.

  • Comp USA These fuckers are the reason I was pissed off to begin with when I got to Best Buy.  No way in Hell was I going to set foot in Circuit Shitty.  Anyway, I started my night off at this place looking for a power cord to my laptop.  Ever since I got my laptop, the power cord has never really fit right.  It was a little too small, and was always coming unplugged.  Well, the power cord stopped charging the laptop because Johnny Super Tail paced the coffee table back and forth, constantly knocking the power cord out of place.  It had finally worn out to the point it quit working.

    So I venture to CompUSA to look for a power cord.  This is a fucking computer store, so they should have one, right?  Well they did, but they had about one employee for every 10 customers that night.  I found a cord, but there wasn't a price for it.  I searched every tag there, and there was not one for this fucking cord. SHIT!  I stand behind someone who works in the store, hoping he will acknowledge me yet he never does.  He continues to try and get 90 year old granny to buy a fucking super computer and he wasn't going to speak to me if his life depended on it.  

    I google texted for the number to the store, and my phone making noise got the old lady's attention, but not the losery bastard helping her.  Prick!  So, still standing there, I call and get the price for the item in my hand then leave.  The power cord was $99.  The one at Best Buy was $119, but I got a $40 gift card because the one I bought had been previously opened.  That's not bad, but it means I have to go back to that fucking store to spend the gift card.

  • Johnny The Shakey Tailed Cat.  Okay, I don't really hate him, but his fucking taill!  I want to cut it off with a really sharp knife sometimes. That fuzzy fuck cost me $100!!! Grrrr.

  • Amy Lee, "You Never Call Me When You're Sober." I hate that fucking song so much that each time it comes on the radio I want to stab my ears out with scissors.  Instead of doing that, I change the channel.  Stop playing that song to death already!  I would rather listen to 10 cats in heat than that fucking song.

  • Harrodsburg  I really really hate this town.  There isn't anything in this town worth making the trip for.  I think 75% of the people in this town are inbred.

  • People that play loud music in their car  I don't mean the ones who are just jammin to a cool song and have the volume up all the way.  I'm talking about the ones who are partially deaf because everyone can hear their car a half mile down the road, yet they refuse to turn the sound down when they are filling up their gas tank or parked outside a store.  Fucking assholes I hate you!

  • Warm weather in December  It's almost Christmas.  I want to see my breath, some snow, some frost on my nose and some grey clouds dammit!  This isn't Florida!  It's supposed to be nipples hard cold for Christmas!  After that I could care less what the temp is, but for Christmas, it's supposed to be cold!

  • The San Diego Chargers Okay, I don't really hate them anymore.  I had ill feelings toward #20 because he made a bitch move during the Bengal's game.  I recently found out it was an accident.  I still am not a fan of the Chargers, however I do like LaDainian Tomlinson.  He is so awesome to watch and is an extremly good and caring person off the field. So, instead of hating the Chargers, I'll hate the Pittsburgh Steelers instead. HAHA!  I hope you don't make it to the playoffs fuckos!

  • John Madden   I am convinced this dude gets drunk before every Sunday night game he announces.  Last night I swear I thought I was watching a replay of the beginning of last Sunday night's game because he repeated himself WORD FOR WORD describing LT.  Granted, listening to him sometimes can be funny, but come on!  Half of the time he forgets what he's talking about and never finishes!

  • Friend requests from strangers.   Ummm...hello?  I don't know you.  You have requested to be my friend and don't even bother to send a hello message first?  Why the fuck would I want to befriend someone that's rude like that?  Well, okay...if you're cute and your profile doesn't suck, that's another story.  If I try to visit your profile and all of your blinky you sparkle tags, songs, videos and graphics lock my computer up, guess what? DENIED dumbass!  Come back when you have sense.

  • Acid reflux disease or (GERD)  I've always had a problem with this, ever since I was a teenager.  It's not so bad when I don't smoke, but hurts like hell when I drink or eat spicy food.  I saw on Fox News yesterday morning that carbonated beverages can make this worse.  Guess I'll have to stop drinking the sodie pop now. Booo.

  • Parents who don't discipline their children  I don't care how old your child is, they are not old enough to sass you and make an ass out of themself while in a store with you.  If your child doesn't listen, talks back, or throws a fit, take their ass home and beat them!  I worked at the Lexington store yesterday, and this man came in with his daughter to get her a prepaid Go phone.  She looked all of 14, and smarted off, threw a fit and became hateful when he wouldn't buy the phone she wanted because it was too expensive.  How about a "no" phone, bitch?  I almost felt sorry for him, but fuck that, he's her daddy, spank her ass!

  • You are NOT the father!  Saturday was my sister's family get together.  Each year it's on the day UK plays UofL in basketball, a week before Christmas.  Each year I see just how much one of the little boys looks nothing like his mom or dad, but looks strikingly similar to someone I know that the mom used to work with.  I wonder if that is a secret she's going to try and keep for as long as possible, or if people know yet don't say anything?  MAURY!  MAURY!  MAURY!
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