12 April 2009

25 Jan 08 - Only the best day EVER!

I got the most exciting news today!  I get to move into my new apartment on February 1st!  YAYZ!!!  It is the coolest apartment too.  There is 950 sqft, a fireplace, sunroom, den, dishwasher, washer/dryer, lots of closets and a ginormous closet in my bedroom!! 

But wait!  The best part is, it is a block from work!  There are tennis courts and a swimming pool, plus a 10 person jacuzzi.  ALSO, they have dvds you can check out for free!  That's pretty sweet!

Wanna know my second exciting news?  I got a part time job!  Woohoo!   Why did I get a part time job?  Well, my main job hasn't been keeping me there for many hours, so even though I'm making $20/hour, I'm only working 5 hours.  So, I went with a coworker and applied for a job.  This was the fastest I've ever gotten ANY job in the history of me getting jobs!

Sure, it only pays $6/hr starting out, but that's better than nothing.  Plus, the faster I type, the more I can make.  Which for me, is cool since I'm a speed demon when it comes to typing.

But wait, what are the best two things about this job?  It's about two blocks away from my new apartment AND it pays out every Friday opposite to my other job, so I'll get a paycheck every Friday!  Sweet!

I am just so excited about FINALLY getting to move!  You all don't even KNOW how much I hate living here.  The first few weeks or so was okay.  I mean, I gave my roommate the benifit of the doubt.  But after he never got the point of "keeping things clean"  such as wiping off the counter, rinsing off the dishes and putting them in one side of the sink, cleaning out malodorous food from the fridge, etc, I couldn't take it anymore.  Him spraying my cat all the time with the water bottle when he wasn't doing anything wrong was the  last straw. 

I've had all I can handle, so slowly I will begin to move all my small things out, and leave all the big furniture for last.  Woo!  If I had some money, I'd go out and celebrate! Ha! 

Hey, I do have a bottle of rum. . . maybe I'll go buy some cokes? Heehee!

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