12 April 2009

15 Aug 08 - What you want to know

With zero life, I have saved MUCH gas, therefore saving much MONEY by not having to buy that shit so often.  Which is good, considering I had to spend all extra money on co-pays for the doctors I saw.

My leg/knee is better.  Well, from time to time, like when I stand or walk a lot, it hurts a little, but I try to be as sedentary as possible. Hehe.  I am supposed to still be using the crutches, but great Jesus on jumpercables, they suck!  So I said eff that to the crutches after about two and a half weeks.  Well, the handicap parking was nice though, but have you ever tried grocery shopping by yourself. . . on crutches?  Yeah, that should be a new olympic sport!  Seriously.

Speaking of Olympics, I've been watching the hairy balls off the games!  It kind of helps that Michael Phelps is smoking hot, but still I have homeland pride, beeyotches!  I love watching the US kick all the other suck-assed country's asses!

Let's talk about work.  The past few weeks, okay, more than that.  It started a month or two ago.  I started really HATING the girl who trained me.  She would belittle me and talk to me like I was a fucking retard every time she told me about some little mistake I had made.  I found it condescending and hypocritical because she was making even WORSE mistakes than myself, yet seemed to overlook that.

But whatever, I just came in to do my work, and get paid.  Oh, and try to stay awake in the process.  The playing of music and listening to iPods were soon banned, for some reason.  I dunno, I wasn't there when the decision was made.  So, the buds came out of my ears and I started chatting it up more with the two front desk clerks sitting to my right.

Work got tolerable, yet that bitch kept pissing me off until one day I SNAPPED!  Well, kind of.  I didn't go COMPLETELY insane, like any previous times.  I just basically stood up for myself and let her know she wasn't as right as she thought.  I stopped being friendly to her, and started just being civil.  With as little interaction as possible.

About two weeks ago, she tries being nicer to me, yet things she was telling me to do sounded, erm. . . peculiar?  But, instead of listening to my gut, LIKE I SHOULD HAVE, but didn't, I brushed it off and just did what I was told.

I guess the military instills some of that shit farther than even I imagined.  I did what I was told, and didn't attempt of breaking the "chain of command" so to speak, by going over super-bitch's head to our supervisor.

Wednesday I was pulled into a conference to find out that super bitch had quit!  YES!  Life was going to be good again!  I was excited and scared all at the same time!  More responsibility!  Less backstabbing and dirty looks! WooHOO!

Then it hit me like a spike from Carrie Walsh, I was trained wrong.  That dirty bitch had trained me to do parts of my job incorrectly, thus causing billing problems, inturn costing the company $$ and headache.

That skanky cunt threw me under the bus and BAILED!  WTF?!  But I took it calmly and vowed that I would learn the correct way to bill new/referred/consulted patients.  I would work hard and they would LOVE ME!

Wrong-o.  I wasn't given a chance to do anything but pick my panties out of my ass.  I was brought upstairs again and told that the billing of fee tickets aka my job, was going back to a third party and my position was gone.  Just like that.

Yes, I was crushed.  But within the same breath, I was told they didn't want me to leave the company, so I had the option to stay and do a different job.  Across the street.  WHAT!?!

Across the street!?!???  The building I'ver heard ZERO good things about?  People I don't even know??!?!  NOOOO!!!!!!!

Well, of course I took the fucking position.  You honestly don't think I'm an idiot, do you?

So, watery and red eyed, I packed up some stuff and headed across the street to the main clinic.  I was introduced to my new supervisor and told of my new position (same pay).

I was reluctant because my new job involved answering the phones.  All calls to each of our five clinics go to the phones in one little room of women, dubbed THE HEN HOUSE.  I swear to BLOG!

Instantly I knew that all change was indeed NOT bad, and instilled my belief that things DO happen for a reason.  These chicks were cool!  They talked and actually laughed!  Holy balls!  I have a new home and it makes me happy!  I like it more than the old place because I'm not surrounded by grouchy, grumpy, crabby old bitches who fight like two year olds!

ALAS!  All is again right with the world.  I am home, saving money and watching the Olympics.  Life is good.

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